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Semmaster’s Thoughts (Life of A Little Man)

Semmaster’s Thoughts (Life of A Little Man)

Semmaster’s Thoughts are a series of poems partitioned by the emotional reflections of a man who has finally taken control of his body, mind and soul from the demons within. The Great Master has awakened my senses to the sweet smells, sounds and sights of a literary world full of the essence, verbal expressions and visions that has long been ascending from gut to mouth to paper, the truth as it reflects the path I must trek to enter into the Mansion of The Creator.

Semmaster's Thoughts are poems written and based on the struggles of a small town boy trying to cope with being different. He was too tall to be a midget or dwarf and not tall enough to be "normal." His self esteem sunk lower than a clam at the bottom of a pond when his brother drowned in a lake on a farm that he was working on. His brother was sixteen years old, in the prime of his life, leaving his fourteen years old brother to ponder how to continue life without his mentor. Tommy, the young boy's brother, was perceived as a god, with the boy's entire identity dependent on the personality and actions of this boyhood man.

The gift of lyrical expression was thrust within the soul of this boy, to connect with a higher and mightier mentor, to guide him through adulthood. As he grew into a man, a soldier, a husband and a father, the gift took control of the little man as he began to master his craft.

The poems in this book show the progression of the mind of a troubled boy’s evolution into a man of controversy. This book delves into the complexities, the simple, the humorous and reflective views of "The Little Man" who grew to be known as Semmaster.

Raising Him Alone Campaign

Listen to the encouraging interview with authors Matthew Stevens and David Miller. Special guest Sheron Smith (mother of Grammy nominated actor and rapper Mos Def) Hosted by Ella Curry, president of EDC Creations.

Raising Him Alone Campaign features thought-provoking workshops, series of community forums addressing a variety of diverse topics (legal resources, financial literacy, mental health support, health & nutrition & educational advocacy). The Kick Off also features workshops, resource fair and an intimate panel discussion featuring several celebrity mothers who have raised boys become men. The mothers include the following: Dr. Mahalia Hines (mother of rapper Common), Dr. Brenda Greene (mother of rapper and activist Talib Kweli) and Sheron Smith (mother of Grammy nominated actor and rapper Mos Def). Other featured speakers include: Meshelle, Cassandra Mack, Richard Rowe, Adeyemi Bandale, Kenneth Braswell and Joel Austin.

The campaign focuses on four areas identified as key benchmarks in addressing positive outcomes for single mothers and their sons. The campaign's approach to provide greater advocacy and supporting parents gaining access to community based services. The following are the four key campaign areas:

Health & Well Being (Mental Health)
Black males have the worst health status of any other race-sex group.
Black males have the second lowest life expectancy at birth second only to Native American men. Black males have the highest death rate from all causes and the highest death rates from cancer, cardiovascular disease & homicides.
Black male have the highest rates of sexually transmitted infections.

Educational Support & Advocacy
Black males account for 8.62% of total enrollment in the nation's elementary and secondary schools, but account for 21.69% of total expulsions.
Forty-two percent of all Black boys have failed an entire grade at least once.
The national average high school graduation rate for Black boys is 47%.

Financial Literacy (African American Community)
Nearly six of 10 children living with only their mother were near (or below) the poverty line.
Of the 19 million children of single parents, two thirds live in rented homes.

Reconnecting Fathers & Sons
Children From Fatherless Homes More Likely To:
Commit Suicide (5 Times)
Have behavioral disorder (20 Times)
Drop out of school (9 Times)
Abuse drugs (10 Times)
Go to prison (20Times

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The Renaissance Group, LLC
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Reflections of a Quiet Storm Book Release Party and A Moment of Prayer

As I sit here thinking about my book release party, I'm astounded that at first I had made up my mind not to have one. Too much of a hassle, nobody will show up, I don't want to seem vain. These thoughts constantly flowed through my mind. As a new author, I felt as if I was trying to squeeze my way into a business where literally no one is guaranteed a large slice of the pie. I wanted a graceful, yet grand slam introduction of my Christian Fiction book, Reflections of a Quiet Storm. The graceful side would introduce readers to the protagonist, Pauline Bridges, and allow them to peek inside the world of a person who lived to serve God and help other people. The other end of the spectrum was the grand slam side. That part would lead the readers into the deep, dark side of her life experiences as the story unfolded.

I've always believed in prayer, and my faith in God has led me through miraculous obstacles in my life. The moment of prayer regarding the book release party was worthwhile. After my prayer, I received peace and tranquility. All of the doubts, questions, and negative thoughts vanished. I knew I had to have the event, and I sent out announcements and made phone calls. I had a wonderful book release party!

Thank you so much to all of my friends, family, colleagues, students, and most of all to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Peace and Blessings,

Patricia A. Bridewell, Author
Reflections of a Quiet Storm

DETECTIVE FICTION by Dr. Niama L. Williams

Intimate Conversation with Dr. Niama L. Williams

ISBN: 978-1-4357-4127-0
BOOKSELLER: http://www.blowingupbarriers.com/journey1.html

Dr. Niama L. Williams is a poet, novelist, essayist, memoirist and former adjunct professor of English with a Leeway Foundation grant, inclusion in an NAACP Image award nominated anthology (Check the Rhyme), and participation in a Sable Magazine/Arvon Foundation writing
workshop in the United Kingdom under her belt. She is available for comment at: drni@blowingupbarriers.com.

* Tell us what motivated you to write this book.
I thought I had said all I needed to say about the white psychiatrist until my mother died and I went to England for the first time and I came home to his spirit haunting me in my apartment. That's when I knew he and I were not finished with our particular spiritual tango .......

* Who did you write this book for?
Seers. Psychics. Those who watch Ghost Whisperer and Medium and The Mentalist and The Others and Millennium and Brimstone for instruction in how to live and cope and be.

* Bring your 3 main characters to life. Tell us who they are and what you love about them.
In this book, the sequel to THE JOURNEY, Sara begins from a place of self-acceptance, but now it is about learning to live with her gift, learning how to manage being haunted by someone who refuses to talk to you except on a spiritual level. What to do when you have an entire conversation with your neighbor though both of your doors are closed and you are seeing him, hearing him, in your mind's eye only.

The doctor, Jim, is still an immutable, largely silent force here, but he has permanently moved into Sara's psyche and walks between protecting her, desiring her, and being a general pain in the ass.

Vincent is still being Vincent; kicking Jim's ass and raging whenever he can because he does not like the games Jim plays with the woman he loves.

* How do you spend your free time? Do you write poetry or sing?
I have this dream of doing a private thank you concert for the musicians who saved my life with their music: Sting, Billy Joel, Manilow .... I have a lilting voice, I am told, but I have no professional training. One day I'll get the professional training.

I have recently discovered the ability to sketch, a talent I didn't think I had, and I find it very relaxing and freeing. Primarily because I don't have to be good at it, I can fail, be mediocre and still enjoy myself. I push myself so hard everywhere else, but with the sketching no one has to
teach me, it's just me expressing and I like that. No standards to live up to. Every artist should have one thing they do just for themselves. Perhaps like Vincent's blues guitar.

* What is your process for creating a novel? Do you plot out the story or do the characters speak to you?
I am rambling Rosie, letting the words come and fall as they may. It makes me difficult to understand sometimes, but most people enjoy the entire experience.

* Could you image your life without writing today?
No. No way. I'd be insane. Debilitated.

* Do you feel writing is for those trained to write or for anyone who has a story to tell?
Writing is for those that need it.

ISBN: 978-1-4357-4127-0
BOOKSELLER: http://www.blowingupbarriers.com/journey1.html

Black History Month with the Sweet Soul Sisters

Sweet Soul Sisters Book Club Literary Events at Andrews Air Force Base

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